The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 is the fusion of physical, digital and biological environments, combining the latest technologies in AI, robotics, IoT, genetic engineering, quantum computing and more. Predicted to bring £198.7bn to the British economy by 2027, the  industry is ripe with opportunity. We can help your business take advantage of this rapidly expanding market.

We’re at the forefront of tech sales globally, bringing years of experience of selling automation and digital transformation technologies to the table. Our Industry 4.0 clients include Matics, Net4, Gain & Co and Wideum. Our broad network of industry contacts, combined with our ability to identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities, makes us the perfect partner to drive your business forward.


Our experienced team have delivered over 10,000 leads and a $10 million+ sales qualified pipeline in Industry 4.0. With years of experience, dedicated industry experts and a network of contacts, you can trust Epik8 to launch your Industry 4.0 product into new markets around the world.

Customer Success Story – Matics

Who is Matics?

Matics is an Israeli business which develops software used by factories to digitise their production process – driving a 25% increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) within several weeks. Their software monitors and captures the complete digital production journey for full auditability and repeatability, providing unprecedented visibility and control of the manufacturing process, quicker resolution of issues and immediate productivity gains.

Why choose Epik8?

Struggling to grow a clientbase across the UK and Ireland, without the local knowledge, Matics had to make a decision: do they hire a UK/Ireland-based sales team, or outsource their sales and business development to Epik8. 

They chose the latter. 

18 months into the contract, Epik8 secured them an annual recurring revenue of more than £300k, and were on track to achieve over £1million within the next year.

In response to Epik8’s unfounded support, Matics scaled-up their resource, building a UK-based Customer Success team to manage their growing clients.  

Ofra Kalechstainm, CEO at Matics, said, “Entering a new market is a complex process and using Epik8 means we can test the water without the commitment or expense of hiring someone internally. Epik8 provides a unique, holistic solution and their market specific sales experience was a real selling factor. They know the local culture and language and it feels like having our own team in the UK. We have a strong working relationship – the team are very passionate and it feels like doing the right thing with the right people.”

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