4 Week Sprints

Our Agile mentality is all about getting you where you need to be as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We work in productive, time-boxed periods, focusing all our energies on achieving every goal, step by step.

  • We will learn everything we can about your product or service and who your target customer is.
  • Your Epik8 team will develop messaging and start work speaking to your prospective customers.
  • We will share results and feedback from your target market with you.
  • We’ll use results from the previous sprint to reassess and improve the strategy for the next one.

Data & Tech Stack

Data drives every decision and, when it’s used right, can unlock unlimited potential. Our best-in-class tech stack worth over £100,000 gives you the tools you need to work smarter, make informed decisions and open up a whole world of opportunities.

About Epik8

Business Culture

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