With new threats emerging every day, the protection of data has never been more important. The UK’s Cyber Tech industry is valued upwards of £8.3bn, and continues to grow substantially every year. 

In this saturated marketplace it’s essential for cyber security firms to have a clear offering that sets them apart from their competitors.

Epik8 is at the cutting edge of tech sales in the UK. We have years of experience selling into enterprise, from authentication technology and zero-trust data access to attack surface management, cyber awareness and anti-malware tech. We’ve worked with some of the most disruptive names in the industry, including Trusona, Shield IoT, Codescene, Salviol and Spidersilk.


We have numerous clients in Cyber Tech and an extensive network of contacts in the industry. We’ve delivered a sales qualified pipeline of over £4.5 million for clients in the sector, so you can trust our experienced team to deliver.

Customer Success Story – Trusona

Who is Trusona?

Launched in 2015, Trusona provides secure, frictionless authentication, enabling businesses to authenticate customers using a smartphone with a ‘tap and you’re done’ experience. This saves businesses time and money, increasing digital self-service adoption, saving up to 38 seconds per call, and reducing attrition associated with legacy login processes of up to 30%.

Why choose Epik8?

As a relatively young business, Trusona was looking for Business Development support for more focused prospecting and LinkedIn campaigns to expand the business. The equivalent internal resource would have required significant overheads and training. By working with Epik8, Trusona can access trained resource, without the inconvenience of hiring, enabling a more efficient use of time as they establish and grow the business.

We have delivered an ongoing, consistent campaign programme, working with Trusona monthly to agree where to target. Our team’s expertise in the sector and network of contacts have helped Trusona to expand and develop business with some of the largest mobile network operators in Europe. The online events and webinars facilitated by Epik8 have also helped Trusona to grow their network and connect with relevant prospects.

Oliver Brough, Managing Director of EMEA for Trusona, said, “For me, it’s all about the people. With Epik8 we have access to a mature, experienced team who have experience in the industry. They are easy to deal with, straightforward and set realistic expectations – there are no false promises or unsubstantiated claims.”

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